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Northern Whig, Thursday 30th July 1931

The open access system for the lending of books at the Municipal Library, Royal Avenue, Belfast, was inaugurated yesterday. The new development has occupied over twelve months intensive work, and the results are satisfactory in every respect. The old Grainger Room has undergone a transformation, and whilst the most has been made of the space for the accommodation of the books the ground area is so skilfully utilised that the public can move about with perfect freedom and without the inconvenience of congestion.

A library ticket is the only passport to the new department. The visitor enters by a door automatically controlled by the official in charge, and his exit is by another door automatically controlled in the same way.

It is anticipated that the innovation will prove a popular one, as ticket-holders have now the opportunity of walking round the department and seeing for themselves the books available. These, to the number of 33,000, are classified in different sections, and are indicated by appropriate descriptive cards. It is not anticipated that the visitor will experience any difficulty in securing the particular book he is in quest of, but, should he not be able to find what he wants he has only to consult one of the assistants on duty who will help him out of his difficulty.


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