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Belfast Telegraph, Monday 21st September 1936

A Goorwitch fashion parade is always an outstanding event in the fashion world. The forthcoming winter display at the Plaza on Wednesday afternoon will be more spectacular than anything of its kind hitherto seen.

Mr. Goorwitch, at enormous expense, has procured the model collections of some of the most famous London and Paris houses. He is also bringing across several well-known London mannequins specially for the occasion. Members of the local staff and other young ladies will also take part in the parade.

Patrons on Wednesday afternoon will see everything that is dear to the feminine heart – coats and suits for all occasions, sports outfits, afternoon, dinner, and evening gowns.

There are still a few seats available, and the smartest woman who wishes to keep up to date with fashion would be well advised to book her place immediately at Castle Junction. Only ticket holders will be admitted to the Plaza.


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