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Belfast Telegraph, Tuesday 4th February 1936

There was great rejoicing in a well-known Belfast manufacturers establishment in Donegall Street this morning when one of the young men was able to take back with him a budgerigar which had escaped from his home on Sunday and they all thought had been lost.

The bird, which is a perfect pet, remains in the office all through the week and flies on the shoulders of the customers that come in, and spends the rest of its time actually perched on the pens of the clerks.

To prevent it being lonely the owner takes it to Holywood on a Sunday, and on Sunday last while he went out into the garden the bird followed him.

Feeling strange in the open air, it evidently for the moment went back to its natural state of freedom and flew up into the air. The owner did his best to try and follow its flight, but it disappeared.

He reported its loss to the police and throughout the rest of the day made every search, but was unsuccessful in recovering his pet.

At midnight on Sunday the police received a message from a gentleman at the top of the Downshire Road, Holywood, which is a considerable distance away from where the bird took flight, that this bird had been in his garden and had actually flown on to his shoulder and followed him into the house.

The owner was apprised, and with great joy he went to the house and as soon as he called it by its name it flew on to his finger.

Thanking the gentleman for caring for his pet in the meantime, he returned overjoyed at its recovery.

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