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Northern Whig, Friday 28th August 1931

A blind Belfast ex-soldier has invented a novel form of motor jack which, he claims, will do much to add to the convenience and efficiency of motoring.

The inventor is Mr. Edward Gilmore, of Matilda Street, Belfast, and he has just perfected an idea on which he has been working for over 12 months. Although he has never seen the child of his endeavour, Mr. Gilmore was able to give a description of it to a “Northern Whig” reporter yesterday.

“The jack,” he said, “is attached to the axle of a car permanently, so that users of it will never have the bugbear of groping under the back seat or delving into a tool box if they have a puncture on a dark night. When not in use it folds back against the axle. The advantages of it seem to be enormous, and chief among its good points is that it can be placed in the centre of the axle, so that when the car is raised clear of the road the vehicle balances properly, and there is no strain on one particular point. It can very readily be put into operation.”

Mr. Gilmore is a mechanic by trade.

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