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  • Belfast Between The Wars


Northern Whig, Friday 27th May 1927

A dog, which by some extraordinary means, got on to the roof of Messrs. Woolworth's yesterday, was the cause of much trouble before it was rescued. Mr. Cooper, the manager, made the first attempt, then Constable R. W. Hall climbed to the roof and managed to get a collar and chain round its neck, but the poor animal refused to budge.

It seemed there would be no option but to shoot it, and this was suggested, but Constable Hall first decided to send to the Toiling Animals Committee Rooms in High Street. By the aid of roof ladders it was found possible for a member of the committee to get close to the dog. He was able to remove the collar and chain, and by extreme patience and kindness so to gain the animal's confidence that it allowed him to carry it to safety.

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