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Northern Whig, Friday 22nd May 1925

The ladies’ football teams representing Femina Sports Club, Paris, and Dick Kerr’s, Preston will arrive in Belfast this morning, and will be received by the Right Hon. the Lord Mayor (Sir William Turner) and Sir Robert Baird. During their short stay in the city they will visit several places of interest, and this afternoon will be the guests of Mr. H. L. Garrett, at Dunville’s, Arthur Street.

As already announced in these columns the teams are to play a match in aid of several hospitals at Windsor Park, Belfast, tomorrow, and there is sure to be a very large attendance to give the visitors a hearty welcome and at the same time augment the funds of our most useful institutions. Mrs. Walter Scott and those associated with her have left no stone unturned to make the match a success, and everything now rests with the citizens.

Femina Sports Club has over 1,000 playing members, and have a section in their magnificently equipped ground in Paris for different kinds of sport. They are the champions of France. Mdlle. Carmen Pomies, the centre-half and captain of the team, speaks English fluently as well as several other languages, and is a qualified shorthand typist, both in French and English. Eight of the team or engaged in offices in Paris, two are in the Galleries Lafayette, one is a milliner, and another is a chemist. The English team was formed in October, 1917, and since then have taken part in 138 matches, having won 123, lost 8 and drawn 7. They have been instrumental in raising over £70,000 on behalf of various charities and deserving objects.

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