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Northern Whig, Monday 23rd April 1928

Paris is undoubtedly the world’s centre of fashion, and garments created by its designers are worn by leading Society women all over the British Isles, America, and the Continent. To offer the women of Ulster a wide choice of those garments which are worn by the smartest people, a party of Anderson & McAuley Fashion Buyers earlier in the Spring visited Paris and the Riviera, and the purchases that they made have only just arrived.

The French Model Hats are marked by a subtle simplicity and a gracefulness of outline. One chic model is of natural colour Balibuntal, edged with Black and trimmed with Black Petersham ribbon. A smart steel dagger finishes the hat. Another model is of Blue Bakou Straw, with floral Crepe-de-Chine binding and new scarf trimming. This is priced at 3 ½ Gns. A Suzel Model, priced at 69/6, is of natural colour straw, with Black cire leaves and ribbon. A Pandan Hat, in the ever-popular Black, is given a lighter tone by a silver bird. This hat has the new bandeau fitting with a becoming cut-away front, and is very moderately priced at 39/6. One of the most beautiful hats is in Black Balibuntal, with gracefully rolled back, and the entire hat is fashioned on exceptionally charming lines.

The Dress Materials have been carefully chosen as indicative of Fashion’s latest trend. The new Embroidered Voiles, in a range of colourings that includes Spring Green, Coral, Beige, Lido, Gold, and Black, are admirable for Summer frocks. This fabric is 46 inches wide, so that the width of the material is the length of the dress. Price, 10/11 per yard. Another Embroidered Voile in dainty colourings is priced at 4/11 ½ per yard.

Kerachi Cloth, for frocks and jumpers, is a most effective all-Wool material, with tinsel stripe, priced at 18/11. This fabric is absolutely new and would make up charmingly. Another variation of the same material, at 16/11, is composed of broad tinsel and plain stripes. A distinctive striped material, exquisitely soft to the touch, is a camel-hair fabric, admirable for summer coats. This material in 10/11 per yard, and can be had in a range of neutral shades to tone with any frock. There is also a variety of other French goods, including silken fabrics and painted Crepe-de-Chines.

In the Kiddies’ Department there are some exceptionally dainty sets, consisting of Frocks and Bonnets to match, in embroidered muslins. Sets from 19/11. These are trimmed with contrasting shades and are washable. In 16in. and 18in. lengths only. There are also some smart little Hand-made Coats, cut in the French style and made by the famous Italian House of Lenci. Sets, complete with pretty hats to match, from 3 ½ Gns.


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