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Belfast News-Letter, Tuesday 16th December 1924

In the Belfast Police Court yesterday Fredd Crossey, Ardilea Steet, was charged with having been drunk and disorderly and with maliciously breaking two panes of glass, the property of Arthur McKeown, Oldpark Road.

Defendant was fined 40s for being drunk, and a similar amount for being disorderly, and was ordered to pay 18s compensation to McKeown.

A constable said he saw the defendant coming round the corner with a long-handled mop in his hand. He deliberately broke the two panes of glass.

The defendant, in the box, said there was some trouble between himself and his wife. The latter left him, and went to reside with her parents. On the advice of the parents she got her hair bobbed. “Imagine a married woman having her hair bobbed,” added defendant, amidst laughter.

For more about the history of the bob see:


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