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  • Belfast Between The Wars


Northern Whig, Tuesday 1st November 1927

Charged with the larceny of three bottles of perfume, valued at 14s 3d, the property of Andrew Wilson, chemist, of Albertbridge Road, Elizabeth Hill was, at the Belfast Police Court, yesterday, returned for trial at the Commission, bail being allowed.

D.I. Moore prosecuted, and Mr. B. Campbell appeared for the accused.

Detective-Constable Sharkey said that when he arrested Hill she said she had nothing to say, but explained that she went to the shop to buy some perfume but they had not what she required.

An assistant in the shop, Thomas Hart, stated that accused came in on Saturday afternoon and asked for a certain brand of eau-de-Cologne. He produced one size, but she said she wished to see a larger bottle. He then went round the counter to make inquiries and through a window saw the accused putting her hand up to a showcase. Returning quickly he saw her drawing her right hand quickly away from her bag, in which he noticed a bottle of perfume. As she was on the point of leaving the shop, he spoke to her and she offered to let him search her bag. She withdrew a bottle containing some gin, and he then saw a second bottle of perfume. An examination of the bag revealed three bottles of perfume in all and two of them bore his employer's label.


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