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Belfast Telegraph, Wednesday 8th December 1937

An uncommon summons was heard at the Belfast Summons Court, before Mr. W. F. McCoy, R.M. It concerned the obliteration of a number painted by the Corporation on premises formerly known as 11a Knockburn Park. The new number was 13 and the occupier of the house, Constance Jackson Munn, said she was superstitious and objected to the number.

Mr. G. Magee appeared for Mrs. Munn, and Mr. A. S. Merrick, junior, represented the Corporation.

Mr. Thomas B. Johnston, for the City Surveyor's Department, said on September 25, in consequence of complaints regarding the premises being known as 11a he visited the place, and subsequently defendant was informed that the City Surveyor had re-numbered the premises, and that she was required to indicate the new number (13) within one week.

On October 4 witness interviewed the defendant, who said she was the owner of the property and objected to the number being put up. Later, a Corporation painter put the number on both gateposts and on October 27 witness again paid a visit and found the numbers had been obliterated. On that occasion Mrs. Munn refused to say anything when witness attempted to interview her.

In evidence, Mrs. Munn said she was superstitious and objected to No.13. The other number had been there for the past five years and the other day the coalman went to the wrong house because of the change. She thought she could put any number on the house so long as it did not cause confusion.

On defendant giving an undertaking to allow the number to be repainted, Mr. McCoy imposed a fine of 20s with 20s costs.


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