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  • Belfast Between The Wars


Northern Whig, Wednesday 1st December 1926

Some excitement was caused in High Street, Belfast, last night when a force of policemen were seen at the rear of the jewellery premises Messrs. R. McDowell & Co., Ltd., endeavouring apparently to find an entrance. People began to gather rapidly, and before long High Street was clicked with a crowd, among whom all kinds of amazing rumours of thieves and cat-burglars were set a'going.

The "thieves," however, turned out to be five girl clerks employed in an office situated behind Messrs. McDowell's shop. At six o'clock the office was locked up with the young ladies inside. It was nine o'clock before they attracted attention outside, and the police were informed. Despite the efforts of the police the door remained shut, and a young man volunteered to go through a window and try to get the door opened from the inside. He got inside, but found he could not open the door.

The police got in touch with Mr. R. McDowell, who came down and opened the door, freeing the young ladies after nearly four hours' imprisonment.


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