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Belfast News-Letter, Friday 24th December 1937

In this season of goodwill it is pleasing to know that the animals are not forgotten. The annual treat was given yesterday by the Ulster Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to the animals attending the Poor Persons’ Dispensary, Hamilton Street, Belfast, and nearly forty animals, all suffering from some ailment, attended. All displayed fine appetites, the horses and donkeys enjoying oats, the dogs hard biscuits, and the cats tender fish and meat.

The owners of the animals stood around, happy to see their pets partaking of the good food provided. Other owners whose animals were not well enough to come to the party were given parcels of tit-bits to take home.

The hosts who waited on the “guests” were Mr. A. Thompson. M.R.C.V.S.; Mrs. Higginson, Miss M. E. McLean, and Miss E. S. McBride. The arrangements were carried out by the hon. secretaries of the U.S.P.C.A., Mrs. F. M. Holmes and Mrs. R. E. McLean.

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