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  • Belfast Between The Wars


Northern Whig, Thursday 3rd January 1929

An exciting episode in Valentine Street was described at Belfast Custody Court yesterday, when William John Collins, of Valentine Street, was charged with assaulting Hugh Thompson in the view of the police, and charges of being drunk and disorderly and assaulting a constable were brought against Edward Moore, of Moffatt Street.

Constable Hall said Collins was arrested for striking Thompson, when Moore came up and, after remarking that Collins was his chum, struck witness on the face. A hostile crowd gathered, and prisoners were so violent that reinforcements were needed from Henry Street to effect the arrests. Witness later had his wounds dressed at the Mater Hospital.

Moore was fined 20s and 40s on the charges against him, and Collins was fined 20s for assaulting Thompson and 40s for assaulting the constable.


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