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  • Belfast Between The Wars


Belfast Telegraph, Thursday 28th July 1927

Veda Bred is full of flavour from crust to crumb. It is the best brown bread containing all the extra nourishment of the outside of the wheat kernel - it is a meal in itself. Fill the picnic hamper with Veda Sandwiches, which always keep moist and appetising, and see how quickly they disappear. Try these sandwich centres. They are delicious with Veda Bread.

Buttered Veda Bread spread with thin slices of fried Cod's Roe and Gherkin.

Buttered Veda Bread spread with fresh boiled Crab or Lobster, finely minced, with a sprinkling of Mace and Bay Leaf.

Buttered Veda Bread filled with thin strips of Angelica.

Plain and Sultana Veda.

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