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Belfast News-Letter, Friday 24th February 1922

The annual meeting of the Belfast Women’s Citizens’ Union was held yesterday afternoon in the Women’s Union Rooms, Assembly Buildings, Belfast. Professor R. A. Williams presiding over a very large attendance.

The annual report, which was submitted by the hon. secretary (Miss Montgomery), stated that the union had watched legislation in the Imperial Parliament dealing with women and children, and prepared a programme of social reforms required in Northern Ireland. It was hoped when these reforms came before Parliament they would passed as agreed legislation. Reference was made to the appointment of women magistrates, and it was reported that Miss Kyle (a member of the union) had been called to the Bar. On the motion of Mrs. Walker, seconded by Mrs. Corkey, the report was adopted.

The financial report was also adopted, and the hon. secretary reported the election of officials as follows: - President, Mrs. Fennell; chairman, Mrs. Walker; hon. treasurer, Miss Alexander; hon. secretary, Miss Malone. The programme of the society having been outlined by Mrs. Wilson, Miss Purvis delivered an interesting lecture on “The New Outlook of Education.” Votes of thanks to the speakers concluded the proceedings, after which tea was served to the members.


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